Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Sample Review

I'm adding a new feature to my blog. SAMPLE REVIEW. I have been trying lots of new things with the samples I receive in the mail. As I do try things, I am going to let you know if I like well enough to purchase. Let me know what you think too.

First Review - Neutrogena Microderm Cleansing Pads
I received 3 of these yesterday in my Baby Gift Pack from Johnson & Johnson. They are excellent. You slide the pad onto your fingers, hold under warm water, scrub with the beaded side first and then the striped side. It left my face very soft, clean, and
refreshed. Excellent way to exfoliate.

CVS Price - $7.99 for 24 Each

Definitely Would Buy!!

Thrifty Idea for Photo Album for Father's Day

If you have decided to use my suggestion on making a photo album from my previous post on Thrifty Ideas for Father's Day here is a great offer to get your pictures.

Snapfish is offering free shipping when you order 20 or more prints. 4x6 prints are just 9 cents each! Use code PRTFREE08 for the savings, but hurry because it expires May 29!

If you have never ordered from Snapfish, try them, you will be impressed. I have ordered several times and the quality of the pictures is excellent.

FREE Tool from Quick Parts

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FREE Sample of Glue Dots

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Multi-Uses for Peroxide

1) Whitens laundry.
2) Sanitizes your kitchen surfaces. 50/50 solution with water
3) Kills fingernail and toenail fungus.
4) Homemade Tooth Whitener - Swish mouth with a tsp. 5-10 mins. a day.
5) Helps Houseplants Grow - 1 oz. per cup of water
6) Removes Harmful Pesticides from Fruits and Veggies.
7) Clears up Skin Acne - Use cotton ball to apply 2-3 times a day.
8) Removes waxy buildup from your ears
9) Kills germs in bathroom.

Do you have any other uses? If so, please share.

FREE Sample of Murad Resurgence Complete

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FREE Sample of Aromatic Eucalyptus Milk

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Thought of the Day

Make friends with successful people, you become like those you spend time with.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

FREE Accu-Line Markers

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FREE Gillette Body Wash

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Coca-Cola BBQ Ribs

Try this wonderful recipe.
1 Cup Brown Sugar
1 Can Coca-Cola
1/2 BBQ Sauce
2 Medium Onions, Chopped
2 Cloves of Garlic, Minced
2 Tbsp. Soy Sauce
Salt and Pepper
2-3 lbs. of Pork Ribs
Combine all ingredients together. Place ribs in sauce mixture and marinate for 2 hours. Drain, pouring marinade in sauce pan, boil for 12 minutes then you can use for basting. Reserve half of the sauce to serve tableside.
Gill over high heat for 1 minute per side, then put on indirect side of grill for 30 minutes, turning often and basting with remaining sauce.

Clean and Clear Oil Absorbing Sheets

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Mail Call

Monday - 5/19/08
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Tuesday - 5/20/08
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Wednesday - 5/21/08
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Box of True Lemon, True Lime and True Orange

Thursday - 5/22/08 - Nothing
Friday - 5/23/08 - Nothing
Saturday - 5/24/08 - Nothing

Thought of the Day

Keep learning.

Monday, May 26, 2008