Saturday, January 21, 2012

Comment Saturday

Today is Comment Saturday!!

For every comment left, I will return the favor by responding to your comment and by visiting your blog and leaving a comment.
I love to hear from my readers and I encourage you to leave comments on any blog you visit.
Today's question.....Have you ever complained to a company or manufacturer about their product or service when you had a bad experience?  If so, what was the outcome?

I am getting ready to write one in the next few minutes.  We received a gift card along with a 25% off coupon to Ruby Tuesday.  I was so looking forward to going out to dinner but I was not satisfied with our service or with my daughters dinner.  I will say that Ruby Tuesday is a favorite of ours but last nights experience was not a pleasurable one.  Looking forward to their response.


Jessica Knorr said...

I have had a couple of experiences where I have made a complaint. One of the end result ended up with a free night stay at a hotel! The other experience I was given a 50% off coupon and of course an apology. I really try not to complain BUT if my experience is really that bad I will make it known to the company. I wonder if you will get a free dinner??? Sorry your experience wasn't a good one. Hopefully next time will be better.

Maria said...


I am glad to see that your complaints were taken seriously. I am eager to see what response I will receive.